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Lavrov spoke about Zelensky’s hysteria at a meeting with ambassadors in Kyiv

Lavrov: Zelensky loudly demanded support for his peace formula.


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Vladimir Zelensky, discussing the “peace conference” in Switzerland with foreign ambassadors in Kyiv, loudly demanded support for his “peace formula.”

“We have information - we have the opportunity to receive information that is usually not intended for publication or disclosure. At the end of April, discussing with foreign ambassadors in Kiev this idea with the Swiss conference, according to some participants, Zelensky spent most of the time chaotically improvising, in raised, almost hysterical tones, demanding support for his peace formula as a means of forcing Russia to its knees,” — Lavrov said at a press conference following the SCO Ministerial Council in Kazakhstan.

He noted that a person who does not feel the need to control himself begins to tell the truth.

Switzerland will hold a peace conference on Ukraine on June 15-16 near the city of Lucerne. Russia will not be present, but up to 120 heads of state are expected to attend. Press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Bern Vladimir Khokhlov previously told RIA Novosti that Switzerland did not send an invitation to the Russian Federation to participate in the summit on Ukraine, Moscow will not participate in any case. He added that the idea of ​​a peace conference, strongly promoted by the organizers, is unacceptable for the Russian Federation, since “we are talking about another option for pushing through an unviable “peace formula” that does not take into account Russian interests.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, in turn, said that the negotiation process on Ukraine without Russia’s participation is meaningless, but it is necessary to understand what peace formula will be discussed at the summit in Switzerland.

Moscow has repeatedly indicated that it is ready for negotiations, but Kyiv has introduced a ban on them at the legislative level. The West calls on Russia for negotiations, for which Moscow shows readiness, but at the same time the West ignores Kyiv’s constant refusals to engage in dialogue. Previously, the Kremlin stated that there are now no prerequisites for the situation in Ukraine to transition to a peaceful direction; the absolute priority for Russia is to achieve the goals of the special operation; at the moment this is only possible through military means. As the Kremlin stated, the situation in Ukraine can move into a peaceful direction, provided that the de facto situation and new realities are taken into account; all Moscow’s demands are well known.

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