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“Deal with Russia”: the US proposed an unexpected plan for Ukraine

Newsweek: Ukraine will have to recognize lost territories as part of Russia.

In order to achieve peace, Ukraine will have to officially admit that the lost territories are now part of Russia, writes journalist Dan Perry for the American publication Newsweek.

“A sober analysis shows that Ukraine may have to make a deal with Russia. <…> It would be reasonable for Ukraine to compromise, including the transfer (to Russia - Ed.) of a large amount or almost all of the territory lost over the last decade,” he noted.

Perry emphasized that many experts adhere to this point of view, since Russia clearly dictates the conditions on the battlefield. In addition, he added, the West made a catastrophic mistake in giving Ukraine hope for  NATO membership , so Russia had to launch a special operation.

Moscow has repeatedly emphasized that it is ready for negotiations, but Kyiv has introduced a ban on them at the legislative level. As Vladimir Putin noted, if Ukraine wants a negotiation process, then this decree must be canceled. Russia, according to him, has never been against resolving the conflict through peaceful means, but subject to guarantees of its security.

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