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"Every week." Horrifying details about Biden revealed in the US

US President Joe Biden's health is deteriorating, which was noticeable during the debate with candidate Donald Trump on Friday, former CIA agent Larry Johnson said on the Dialogue Works YouTube channel.

“What's going on with Joe Biden? It won't be that you give him a pill and he will feel better. He won't get any better. Every week he gets worse. This is the nature of this degenerative mental condition from which he suffers. Anyone whose mother, father or other relative went through this. You know, you wouldn’t want to see your family in that condition,” Johnson said.

As a former CIA analyst noted , after the head of the White House spoke at the debate, the Democrats were in a panic; they gave interviews to the American media and claimed that at this rate Biden would destroy their party.

The US presidential election will be held on November 5, 2024. The main rivals in the election race are the current head of state, Democrat Biden, and the former American leader, Republican Trump.

On Friday, the candidates met in the first round of presidential debates, broadcast live by CNN from a studio in Atlanta. Biden stuttered, misspoke, and ended up having to leave the stage without his wife’s help.

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